December 26, 2012 – Setback

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As predicted, my confidence hurt me last week. I arrived at Malarkey’s early and snagged a beer and a rack of balls and started warming up. The beer tasted good even though I knew it would not help my touch or accuracy. But coming off a great couple weeks, my confidence was high and I thought that a slight “softness” in my game should not hurt much because I was hot! I was wrong.

To be honest, when it comes to playing in my home pool room, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Bars only make money when they are selling alcohol and food. At the rates they charge, I’d guess my pool room probably doesn’t make any money on table time. Players that hang out for hours on end drinking coffee and soda pop do not make money for the room. I feel that in order that the room might survive to support me, I need to support it in the basic manner which is its business by buying alcohol and meals. And there’s my struggle: both hurt my performance.

The effects of the alcohol are obvious, but the food is a little more subtle. I’ve talked with others about this and they feel the same as I do. When you eat just before a match, it is difficult to focus completely on the game and the result is a poor performance. There are probably physiological reasons, maybe subconscious reasons, but the bottom line is if I eat just before a match I can usually kiss that game away.

So what to do? I want to help the room survive, but I also want to improve my BTRT ranking and get into the money in the weekly tournaments, whether its “198” or “220” or any other game. Most weeks I just decide to suck it up and work one beer for hours, and then order a meal between matches, try not to eat all of it, and put off playing that next match as long a possible. It sort of works, but I know if I managed my food and alcohol intake a little better, not only would I save money, but my BTRT scores would improve – maybe make me a little more in winnings; but then maybe the room dies a slow, prolonged death. I suppose guilt has a lot to do with my decision-making, but that’s a whole different blog!

Well, back to this week. The first beer went down fast during “198”. Bad idea. Bad result. After that, I thought, “Screw it!” and ordered my big meal and another beer. Both delicious. Both disastrous for my score. OK, it was a bad week, but at least I know the reason and I know how to fix it. If I’m going to perform to the higher level I want so I can reach my goal, I need to be smarter and be able to control myself. Ugh!

Old “220” Average: 50.35
New “220” Average: 49.85
Goal “220” Average: 70

Old “198” Average: 84.33
New “198” Average: 70.80
Goal “198” Average: ??


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