December 18, 2012 – I’m On A Roll!

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Boy it is a nice feeling!  After winning the Tri-Annual 220 Tournament a couple weekends ago, this last week I take first in “198” Scratch and second in “220” Open Division.  I’ve got a nice little streak going.

While the winning is nice, what really feels great is the confidence I have when lining up for a shot these days.  With all the things I’ve changed that I’ve mentioned in recent posts, I’ve got that sensation that I can put any ball in front of me in the hole, AND I have a pretty good idea of where “whitey” should land.  I’m feeling the angles, the speed, the spin, and the stroke I need.  I’m surprised when I miss, but my confidence is strong and so I try it again with little fear.

Long shots don’t scare me right now.  Hard draws don’t scare me right now.  I strike the cue ball with resolution and determination.  There are holes in my game, so I play around them; stay away from leaving the cue ball on the rail, focus hard on the break so I get the pattern that works for me, avoid bank shots and combos.  My confidence allows me step past these limitations, at least temporarily.

But I know this confidence is fleeting.  I “have it” now, but I’m just one overconfident day at table away from losing it.  So I need to stay humble, keep playing within my abilities, try not to over-stroke the ball, accept the failure when it happens and look for the reason it happens and learn from it.  The moment my expectations exceed my abilities is when this house of cards I call “confidence” will come tumbling down and I’ll be back to fighting in the last few games of a match just to get to my average score.

For now, though, I’m on a roll, and it feels awesome!

Old “220” Average:  50.45                 Old “198” Average:  79.50

New “220” Average:  50.35               New “198” Average:  84.33

Goal “220” Average:  70                    Goal “198” Average: ??


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