One Of Those Days

Posted: November 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Excited to be back in the pool room yesterday, I got there early and started hitting balls.  I was there to play “198” and “220”.  I was going to score well in both.  Maybe win a little money and build up my average.  Instead, it was “one of those days.”


In my first game in “198” I started out with a “snap game,” a GREAT way to start a match!  It was a bit of a bad opening break that left the 2-ball tied up.  But the 1-ball was in a place where I could break it out, which I did perfectly.  After that, it was easy; I just took my time, made sure to pocket the object and leave myself a shot at the next one.  Nothing tough; nothing hard.  When the 9-ball finally dropped, it all felt so easy, so natural to run out.


Next game, scratch on the break.  Crap.  OK, it’s a snap game I’m working on, so I still can use this next run to give myself a big opening score.  I pocket the 1-ball, but get out of shape already on the 2.  I’m thinking, “Serious?!?”  I miss the two trying to get in shape for the three.  Dammit.  I open with a snap game, but can only muster a net score of 9 in the second game!  Aaargh!


The rest of the match went on like that.  I couldn’t seem to hit the head ball square.  The cue ball would fly off on either side of the rack on the break and the patterns I was used to seeing never materialized.  Then, invariably on my first shot I’d get out of shape.  The subsequent shots would just get farther and farther out of shape until I was hooked or I missed the shot trying to get back into shape.  It was embarrassing.  Final score:  never mind!


“220” is next.  An opponent is waiting to go, so I jump right in figuring the bigger table and a fresh game will be better.  Nope.  Same problem, different game.  Couldn’t hit the head ball square.


But I didn’t give up.  Every time I walked to the table I’d think, “OK.  This is where I turn it around.”  Then I’d hit the cue ball just a little wrong and I’d be back to scrambling without the patience or skill to get things back on plane.  I didn’t quit and managed one cut game.  The subsequent break didn’t leave me an opportunity to use the Cut Option.


The bottom line was, I wasn’t breaking well.  Upon reflection, I should have taken some time between the two matches to figure out how to hit that head ball square before moving on to another match.  I also should not have eaten a big ol’ bacon cheeseburger before playing.  Now THERE’s a distraction!


Old “220” Average:  43.50

New “220” Average:  44.00

Goal:  70


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